Pink Eye FAQs

 Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, affects children and adults. Approximately 3 million cases are confirmed in the U.S. each year. It is a treatable condition, but it can be uncomfortable and damage your vision if left unaddressed. At Today’s Vision, we have been providing residents of Cypress, TX with reliable pink eye treatment for many years. Following are the answers to questions our family eye doctor frequently receives regarding pink eye.


What Causes Pink Eye?

There are four main causes of pink eye. Out of those four, two are only considered highly contagious. Those two are bacterial and viral conjunctivitis. These types of pink eye can spread easily from one person to another by airborne transmission, direct contact, or even contact with an infected object. This is why pink eye outbreaks at schools are particularly troublesome.

What Are the Symptoms of Pink Eye?

Pink eye that is contagious produces symptoms different from non-contagious pink eye. Contagious pink eye symptoms include discharge from the eye that can be thick and watery. It may also occur along with an upper respiratory infection, sore throat, or cold. It normally begins in just one eye and within days spreads to the other eye. It is caused by several viruses.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is contagious and can occur along with an ear infection. Your eyelashes can stick together as a result of the discharge associated with this type of pink eye. It is also more commonly seen in children than adults. Non-contagious pink eye can produce symptoms such as swelling, itchy, and watery eyes, and red or pink eye tissue.

What Is the Best Treatment for Pink Eye?

Sometimes, pink eye clears up on its own in a week or two. Newborns with pink eye symptoms should see their pediatrician right away. You may be prescribed antibiotic eye drops if you are diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis. For more serious cases of viral conjunctivitis, an antiviral medication may be prescribed. Our optometrist can help determine the best treatment option depending on the type of pink eye you are experiencing.

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