Eye Allergies

An Overview of Eye Allergies from Today's Vision Cypress

There are several chronic medical conditions that cause people to come to see us. At Today's Vision Cypress, we are a family eye doctor and one of the common conditions that our optometry practice treats in Cypress, TX is eye allergies. There are countless people across the country who suffer from eye allergies and it is important for everyone to have a reliable place to go for eye treatment.


The Symptoms of Eye Allergies

First, it is important for everyone to understand why they might get eye allergies. The immune system responds to something called antigens. Usually, these are proteins that are on the surface of bacteria and viruses. In other cases, these antigens might be present on non-pathogen items or organisms. Regardless, these antigens still trigger an immune response. In some cases, this can present as eye allergies.

If someone suffers from eye allergies, there are a few symptoms that might arise. Some of the most common symptoms include eyes that water and start to swell. One of the hallmark symptoms of eye allergies is conjunctivitis. This is the term used to describe inflammation that takes place in the eyes. Some of the most common signs of conjunctivitis include swollen blood vessels in both eyes along with generalized eye redness. This is a sign that someone needs to see an optometrist for help with eye allergies.

The Treatment of Eye Allergies

When someone comes to see us for help with eye allergies, there are a few treatments that we can try. First, we will encourage everyone to stay away from whatever is causing the symptoms. This might include pollen, dust, or dander. Then, we can try antihistamine eye drops that have been designed to tamp down the immune response. If this doesn't work, we can move to more involved treatments such as oral medication. We will start low and go slow before we try anything that might lead to side effects. Trust us to help you with eye allergies.

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