Emergency Eye Care

Too many people take their eyesight for granted. At Today's Vision Cypress - Fry Rd, we encourage our patients to see us at least once per year for an eye checkup. Our goal is to identify and treat problems before they become emergencies. However, we know that eye emergency may still develop. That is why we provide acute eye care services in Cypress, TX as well. If you are looking for emergency eye care from a trained optometrist, you need to know how we approach these issues. There are a few steps in our evaluation process.

Emergency Eye Care

Assessing the Emergency

When patients come to see us for eye emergencies, do a complete assessment of the issue before we start treating it. Some of the facets of our emergency eye assessment include:

The Orbit: We look at the structural integrity of the orbit. Some of the potential issues we may identify in this area include cuts, scrapes, and lacerations. We might also identify signs of an orbital bone fracture which might require surgery.

The Iris: Then, we are going to look at the iris. This is the colored part of the eye. We are going to look for signs of blood or discoloration. If there is blood present in the iris, this might be a sign that the blood vessels supplying the eye have been damaged.

The Pupil:  Finally, we will also take a close look at the pupil. The pupil should be perfectly round. If the pupil is misshapen, this might be a sign of an injury called an open globe.

Identifying the Right Treatment

Once we have identified the emergency, the next step is to provide the proper treatment. If there is a foreign body present, we might be able to remove it from a patient's eye without surgery. If there is a bone fracture present, we may need to obtain imaging before deciding whether or not the injury needs surgery. Sometimes, there could be an infection of the eye. We might be able to treat this with antibiotics. Count on our professionals to come up with the right diagnosis and treatment.

Emergency Eyecare Services in Cypress, TX

If you are looking for an optometrist in cypress tx, call Today’s Vision today at (832) 330-6168 for more information on emergency eye care or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.