Dry Eye

When there isn't enough tear film on your eyes or your tear film is of low quality, you can develop dry eye. The tear film on the front of the eyes is there to keep your eyes lubricated for both comfort and function. When the right amount or quality of tear film isn't there, it can lead to several painful and annoying symptoms. If you need dry eye treatment, you first need to see an optometrist the have the condition of your eyes assessed. At Today’s Vision, we have provided residents of Cypress, TX with reliable dry eye treatment services for many years.

Dry Eye

Causes of Dry Eye

Many things can cause a person to develop dry eye. Several medical conditions can cause it, including autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be caused by high blood pressure and diabetes, among other conditions. Many medications have dry eye as a side effect. Many antidepressants, for example, can cause the condition. If you are undergoing a major hormonal change, such as the one during menopause, this can also cause dry eye. As we grow older, we are more susceptible to dry eye as the body’s tear production decreases. Dry eye can also be caused by direct contact with dry wind or being in a room with too much air-conditioning. 

Signs of Dry Eye

When your eyes get too dry, several irritating symptoms can occur. It can cause your eyes to burn, itch, and sting. It can also result in blurry vision and red eyes. Many people get strings of mucus on their eyes and experience watery eyes. It can make you more sensitive to lights as well as cause you to see halos around light sources. Many people get a feeling of grittiness and feel like there is something lodged in their eyes. 

Dry Eye Treatment Options

There are both home remedies for the symptoms as well as prescription medications that can help. Prescription eye drops work on both the symptoms and the underlying inflammation of the eyes. Over-the-counter eye drops are a great way to quickly add artificial tears to the eyes. You can also use a humidifier at home to add moisture to the air, preventing your tear film from quickly evaporating. Our optometrist will assess your condition to determine the root cause of your dry eye before recommending treatment options.

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