Computer Eye Strain

People are working with computers and laptops more than ever. For some, they are the primary tool used for work-related purposes. People spending long periods using a computer or similar electronic device may suffer from computer eye strain if they don't take measures to prevent it from happening. Over time, computer eye strain can cause serious discomfort and vision issues. If you believe you are experiencing computer eye strain in Cypress, TX, the optometry professionals at Today’s Vision are ready to assist you.


Symptoms of Computer Eye Strain

People with pre-existing eye issues are more likely to experience computer eye strain and be conscious of how they spend time viewing content or reading. Symptoms of computer eye strain include headaches, blurry vision, and dry eyes. Other co-existing symptoms include neck and shoulder pain. These issues may not be entirely unavoidable, but a few things can be done to reduce the occurrence and prevent eye discomfort. 

It is recommended that individuals using a computer or other electronic devices take frequent breaks. A few times per hour will be a good start. Be sure to avoid long sessions without stopping to look around and focus on objects in the distance to give your eyes a break. If you begin to notice your visions deteriorating or you begin experiencing frequent discomfort, contact our optometrist as soon as possible. Our optometrist will consult with you to learn more about your symptoms and examine your eyes to get a complete picture of your situation. From there, we can determine which course of action or treatment works best for you. 

Family Eye Doctor in Cypress, TX

At Today's Vision, our team is ready to provide the best services for your family. Whether it's a routine eye exam or treatment for a specific condition, we offer each patient high-quality, individualized treatment options. Anyone experiencing computer eye strain symptoms in the Cypress, TX area should schedule an appointment and let our family eye doctor assess the situation and provide effective solutions. For more information on computer eye strain or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist, call us today at (832) 220-6168.