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How to Prepare for an Eye Exam

Do not delay or postpone your eye exams! It is imperative to have your eyes checked by an optometrist routinely, ideally every six months, to detect issues early. With vigilance, you may be able to prevent some common issues that could compromise your sight.

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Schedule Your Vision Exam

Call to make an appointment for your vision exam, and make sure to inform them of any issues you are experiencing with your sight. Begin to think about your eyes and jot down any questions or concerns that you may have. This will make it much easier during your appointment when you could become distracted and forget to mention your questions and thoughts to the eye doctor.

Prepare for Your Eye Exam

In addition to writing down your questions and concerns, make a note of any issues you have experienced since your last appointment. Also, have any elements of your medical history changed? Are you on any new medications? Jotting this down can be helpful when the time comes to see your provider.

Give some additional thought to your family history. Has anyone in the family been diagnosed with something lately? Giving this information to your provider helps with continuity of care later on.

Enlist a Driver

Dilating your eyes is a common procedure your eye care specialist uses to detect and identify certain issues that could compromise your vision. Dilation makes your eyes sensitive to light and could cause blurriness, so if possible, bring a driver to get you home safely after your appointment!

When Was Your Last Vision Exam? Call to Schedule an Appointment Today!

Your sight is nothing to fool around with, so schedule your routine eye exam at Today’s Vision Cypress – Fry Rd in Cypress, TX. With regular visits and assessments by your optometrist, you can detect and treat eye issues early. Call us at (832) 220-6168 today.