Back to School: Eye Exams

Quality eye care is important for everyone, and children are no exception. Children need to have the best eye care possible to ensure that their vision develops properly. Before children start school or go back to school, they should have an eye exam. Beginning at age 3 is a great time for your child to see our pediatric optometrist. At Today's Vision Cypress – Fry Rd in Cypress, TX, our optometrist provides complete eye care for patients of all ages, including children. We will ensure that your child’s vision is at its best before he or she goes back to school. 


Pediatric Optometry

When you take your child for an eye exam with our optometrist, we will use a series of tests to check your child's vision. This includes checking to see how well your child is able to see from a variety of distances. We will check your child's peripheral vision, as well as determine if your child has any eye health conditions that need to be addressed. Children can have dry and itchy eyes the same as adults. We will provide treatment for this. Our family eye doctor will also evaluate the focus of your child's eyes. After testing, we will determine if your child has a refractive error and needs corrective eyewear. Our optometry team will help your child choose the right glasses. Good vision makes learning easier for children, which is why a back to school eye exam is so important.

Are Eye Exams Scary for a Child?

When our professionals perform a child's eye exam, there is nothing scary about it. The exam is done on a level that children will have no problem completing. If your child isn't old enough to read or know letters, shapes and colors can be used to make it easier. We are eager to help your child be able to see the best he or she can. Your child's eyes may be dilated during an exam, and this will allow our optometrist to be able to see the back of your child's eyes so that we can evaluate them. We will walk your child through this and answer any questions to ensure that the process is not scary.

Visit Our Family Eye Doctor in Cypress, TX for a Pediatric Eye Exam

It is important that your child gets an eye exam before going back to school. At Today’s Vision Cypress – Fry Rd in Cypress, TX, our pediatric optometrist will ensure that your child’s vision is at its best. At our facility, we provide eyeglasses for children if they need corrective eyewear, as well. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.